Tuesday, February 24, 2015

One of my early calligraphy works done in December 1989 and depicts a prayer meaning (O Lord, make it easy, and do not make it difficult. O Lord, make it end well). This style of calligraphy is called Thuluth (الثلث) and regarded as crown of Arabic Scripts by Arabic Calligraphers. Almost all master calligraphers wrote this prayer in different forms and composition and this is my composition.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Kufi Calligraphy

It has been a while since I posted calligraphy on my calligraphy page. Today I would like to present a work in kufi fatimi style featuring a saying attributed to Imam Ali, It says "Fikruka Feeka Yakfeeka" meaning "It is enough to think about oneself" Many calligraphers have written this saying in many styles and this is my attempt in Kufi style. I tried to bring about a symmetrical appearance in arranging the letters without compromising the proportions and shapes of letters and in this work I have designed a new form for the letter "Kaaf" which was never used by early masters. This is from archives and goes back to 2008/2009

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Arabic Calligraphy

Original design in 1978
Same work redone In 2009
In September 1978 I was asked to design a calligraphy work for a cover of a quarterly magazine titled "Islamic Thought" that was published in Tamil in the Institution I was studying. I had no proper training in calligraphy then, but used to do some basic works imitating what I found in magazines and books from our library. It was suggested that the calligraphy should depict a verse from the Holy Quran that is also the Motto of our Institution which reads in English "And be pious to Allah, and Allah will teach you!" I did some sketches and made a design in Indian ink writing the verse in Kufic style in the shape of our Mosque in the campus ( that was my idea then, I do not know whether it looked like our mosque or not) and submitted the design. I was scheduled, with 2 of my colleagues and two lecturers, to travel to Cairo in October for undergraduate studies. The magazine with my calligraphy(?) on the cover was issued in early 1979 (with a surprise, yes one of my poems was also published inside).
In Cairo with my University studies, I was fortunate to get a chance to enroll to Arabic Calligraphy School and obtain a Diploma after 4 years course.
In October 2009 during my vacation I found a copy of the magazine while I was looking for a book at home. When I saw the cover design I was laughing aloud, I made this design(?) ….it looked so unprofessional and the style was far from "Kufic". So, I thought why do not I redo it in proper "Kufic Calligraphy" and this was the outcome. The time lap between the two is more than 30 years and I had proper training and practice between those years.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Digital Art - Deep Conversation

These days I am trying out my hands on digital art/painting as I learn different techniques. This photo was taken using a point and shoot (Canon Powershot A590) camera in Madina, Saudi Arabia depicting two pilgrims engaged in a deep conservation in front of the Prophet's Mosque.

Thursday, October 4, 2012